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"I love this! I can keep the Word of God in front of me all day and night? I've never experienced anything like this before."

Mary Marshall LI, NY


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"I know from experiencing a victory over cancer that there's Power and Healing in the Word of God. That's why I created TeshTV.

I also know these are tough times right now which is why we have made TeshTV available for FREE!"

"Do not let my Word depart from your eyes. Keep it in the midst of your heart. For the Word is life to those who find it and health to all their flesh." - Proverbs 4:21

"Now for the first time, the strategies, prayers, motivations and visualization techniques I used to beat a deadly cancer diagnosis are here for YOU on Tesh TV."

- John Tesh

Daily Live 24/7 Programming

Dip in for a few minutes (or more) anytime during the day to hear stories and strategies for Divine Healing and Victory over sickness and disease.

The spoken Word of God with my Music
The spoken Word of God with my Music

Soak up the power to win your day with spoken words of victory, mixed with inspiring piano music.

Divine Healing Practices
Divine Healing Practices

Featuring curated messages by well-known pastors and authors. This online content includes John offering spoken-word healing Bible scriptures set to his own live piano performances.

Bible Verses and Music for Sleep
Bible Verses and Music for Sleep

Featuring John’s piano and his spoken word readings. These encouraging scriptures are calmly read aloud to help you focus on God's infallible Word as you fall asleep tonight.

God’s Promises-Healing Scriptures with Soaking Music
God’s Promises-Healing Scriptures with Soaking Music

Featuring John’s spoken Word with his piano music.

John Tesh's Intelligence for Your Life Radio Show
John Tesh's Intelligence for Your Life Radio Show

Everyday you can watch John and Gib Gerard LIVE! in the studio, as they create the 'Intelligence for Your life' daily programs.

Connie Sellecca's Intelligence for Your Health
Connie Sellecca's Intelligence for Your Health

Add years to your life with Connie's 'health-hacks' and interviews with the world's leading experts on longevity and wellness.

Happy TeshTV subscribers

Millions can benefit and learn from this great man of faith. Psalm 118:8: It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. John Tesh was put on this earth to be a messenger. He touches and improves the lives of millions daily.

Steven P.

I enjoy the inspiration that you give for everyday life and also for our daily walk with God.

Ann E.

I love your music and after I read your book it inspires me to connect with you here on Tesh TV.

Jess C.

Thanks for offering your online advice, and videos to the many people who can access it, (like myself) and have it lift me up, and brighten my day!!

Mindy P.

Thank you for some uplifting TV. A big change from most of TVs wasteland.

Margaret S.

I am so enjoying scripture read by John accompanied by music. It ministers to my soul and I would love to be able to listen to more scripture. I hope John will record many more as I think this will have great appeal to Christians everywhere and, likely, be an encouragement to searching non-believers as well. Thanks for this site and the work you are doing.

Patricia H.

I love John Tesh's music and his reading of scripture accompanied by piano is powerful and affirming.

Maggie P.

Your upbeat attitude, and fun short subject clips, help to brighten my day.

Jean T.

Your Host

John Tesh currently hosts the internationally syndicated Intelligence for Your Life radio show. In addition, since 2014, he has hosted Intelligence for Your Life TV with his wife Connie Sellecca and son Gib Gerard. Tesh has won six Emmys, has four gold albums, two Grammy nominations, and an Associated Press award for investigative journalism. Tesh has sold over eight million records. His live concerts have raised more than $7 million for PBS.

As a composer, John has the unique distinction of creating what many have hailed as “the greatest sports theme in television history” for NBC Sports basketball. From 1986-1996 John co-hosted the television program Entertainment Tonight. He previously worked as a Correspondent for CBS News and as a sportscaster and host for two Olympic Games, Wimbledon, US Open Tennis, the Tour De France and Ironman Triathlon. In 2018, Tesh was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame and the National Radio Hall of Fame.

A Growing Library of 2,500+ Hours Of On Demand Programming Designed to Connect you to healing and spiritual abundance.

John Tesh's Soaking Music with legendary authors and Evangelists
John Tesh's Soaking Music with legendary authors and Evangelists

From Billy Graham to T. D. Jakes, Rick Warren, Derek Prince, Andrew Wommack and more.... you'll enjoy life-changing messages as John 'soaks' the messages with his musical performance.

Bible Verses and Music for a Great Night's Sleep
Bible Verses and Music for a Great Night's Sleep

Renew your mind, banish your worries and anxiety. Drift off to sleep with sthis unique combination of Bible verses and meditative music as you experience God's word and a GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP!

The spoken Word of God with my Music
Worship Music!

From the legendary Red Rocks amphitheater to the coast of Positano Italy and beyond. Renew your mind and connect with the Holy Spirit with John's hand-picked worship favorites.

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Why did you create Tesh TV?

TeshTV is the culmination of a lifetime of work. I felt inspired to share the healing word of God with others and TeshTV is the manifestation of that calling.

How much does this cost?

Access to TeshTV is FREE.

How do I access TeshTV?

Upon signing up you will be sent login credentials and you can login at Sign in - TeshTV

Another question not listed here?

Feel free to send me an email directly at john@tesh.com with your question.


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